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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Together

Holey Stone - Empty and Full

Holey Stone – Empty and Full

Together – Light and Dark, Water and Waves, Sun and Moon, Pebbles and Stones, Empty and Full –

Saturday, May 5th, my plan was to be at the beach in time to catch the sun setting and the full moon rising – together. Two events happening within minutes of each other, an unusual event and one I love to see and share, especially from a particular beach on Lake Superior.

When I left home, the sun was bright and all looked promising. A ten-minute drive to this beach and everything changed. Clouds rolled in, uh-oh! the moon would not be visible tonight, and yet clouds often make for beautiful sunset colors. Arriving at the beach, the clouds had thickened even more. Undaunted, I walked to the water’s edge and instantly saw one of the shots I have been seeking… a Holy Stone, aka Holey Stone, being washed and filled by water.

It always amazes me how the Universe conspires to support me with miracles. I have been wanting this natural shot for some time, unwilling to fake it by placing one of these stones at the water’s edge to get the shot. Even when I do that, I am the one who knows I did it… and it feels like a little white lie.

Light and Dark ~ Water and Waves ~ Sun and Moon

Light and Dark ~ Water and Waves ~ Sun and Moon

The heavy cloud cover was creating darkness quickly, yet the chance to get the stone shot worked… and a little golden color glinted in the sky. Quiet and calm, nature and I, together, whispered Thank You. Life is good when I notice these small things, and go with the flow. Perfection happens when I accept the constancy of change. The full moon rose within minutes, anyway. There are some things we just know, even when we can’t “see” the evidence.

Namaste ~ Star Bear
Copyright 2012 Betsy Lewis

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Happy Trails

Heading home...

With back to the sunset
Today’s path in light
Shimmering glimpses
While heading for night

Trees splashed golden
Gazing upward to see
Path clear ahead
Open through trees

Blazed by others
Coyote, wolf, deer
Packed solid by paws
Made wider by bear

Easy adventure
Finding way back
Fast-food lane pause
For a blueberry snack

Evening chir-rup-pers
Call goodnight in ease
Breathing pine air
On whisper of breeze

Happy Trails! May your day be filled with easy journeys, clear, soft paths and light and joy! Thank you for walking this smile[sic] in my boots with me. πŸ™‚

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Colorful

Colorful Meltdown

Colorful Meltdown

Dear Friends and devoted readers,
Today’s post is brought to you with a new shape. Imagine a square that is being pulled horizontally into a rectangle. That is the shape my photos and images are taking for now! Thus, no images. The past few days have been spent dealing with a computer failure.
Actually, the computer is fine. The monitor, however decided to fry itself, literally. As I was typing an e-mail, the view of the window suddenly changed to a distorted shape, like melting plastic, with rainbow colors all around the edges. Hopefully, and naively, I turned everything off, and rebooted. The distorted shape reappeared, now accompanied by the obnoxious stench of burning plastic or wires which seemed to be emanting from somewhere nearby.
Using colorful language, I immediately unplugged everything, and put the bloodhound nose to work. Yes, indeed. The smell was coming from the monitor. It is old. It is heavy. So with my adrenalin pumping, I was able to heft it off the desk and whisk it away to the nearest exit, declaring that if it did decide to burn, it would not be in my home office. The smell lingered, so windows open and ceiling fans whirring, I proceeded to thank my lucky star for some foresight. 3 years ago, when the monitor was acting just a wee bit balky, I had purchased a new ACER 22″ LED monitor. I had not used it, everything was still packaged.
Carefully following the simple directions, it was up and working in just a few minutes. Wow! Is it wide! The light weight is fabulous, and the small base and thin profile reduce the amount of desk space it takes up. Another bonus.

The downside – my S3savage4 graphics card is now incompatible. Adjusted settings, resolution, downloaded most recent driver. S3 graphics is no longer supporting this old card with new drivers. Do we want to know all of this? Of course not! I just want a computer monitor combo that works!
There are no computer stores within 100 miles, or friendly affordable techs… so I have given the information to knowledgeable friends, I hope, who are in search of answers.

Meanwhile, it was colorful. No time for a screen shot… so using only the x y coordinates and photoshop rulers, I offer this colorful rendering of the monitor meltdown squared. The e-mail looked sad as it faded… and the colors were like a melting rainbow…

Hoping any sadness fades quickly for you and may your week be filled with colorfully glad!

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-a-day 2011 – Retro Poster ~ Free!


Library Cards are FREE! So were the recycled materials used to create this collage...

Creating this poster for our “Get a Library Card” campaign was a lot of fun! (I work at a library) I felt like I was doing 1960’s retro hippie look. Everyone else working there is too young to remember the psychedelic look. I laughed a lot, every time someone walked by and said “Very Cool!” like it was something new.
Living in a small U.P. town, maybe psychedelic is just now arriving here? Recycling hasn’t, for the most part… except for a determined few willing to drive 100 miles to recycle plastic and metal… The Girl Scouts recycle paper.
I retrieved the material for this collage by reusing stuff already used and ready to discard.
Recycled materials, recycled ideas… guess it’s true that “fashion” comes around again every 40 years or so…
Yikes! We’re gonna go through this yet again? LOL! Hang on to those hip hugger bellbottoms… πŸ™‚
May your day be colorful and free – to read, to dance, to visit a library! We even have free Wi-Fi!

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from TED

27 minutes of pure gold.
Not much to be said,
other than THANK YOU TED!
The value of play in the physical universe with real objects.
Agree on your rules and play today!

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream to YOURS!

I have a secret – I love to share!
I love to share Laughter and Joy!… and Silliness and Play… (You probably already knew that LOL!)
I love to share my work, my ideas, my friends, my toys and “my” resources! SARK is my most favorite, lovable, welcoming friendly resource – and I cannot keep Susan (aka SARK) or her programs and books a secret any longer. She is a wonderful mentor and friend. I love learning in fun ways and have fun doing it – even the tuff stuff. I love having fun with people. Susan brings out the best in me and others!
So if you want to check out one of my “secrets” to success and have some fun, click on the image below to meet Susan to read and hear more.

For me, Dream Boogie produces prodigious results, deLIGHTFILLED Dancing, Daring dreaming, and Fiestas of Fun. Dream Boogie is an 8 week online course, including beautiful pages of OWNwork (not homework), weekly Teleseminars where connecting in small groups is serendipitously synchronistically magical, inspiring downloads, insightful excercises offering fabulous support and deep connections with other creative and productive creative beings… including yourself… like connecting your right brain with your left brain. LOL! and DUH!… and if you miss a call, you can re-listen anytime… I LOVE listening to the calls – (Sometimes I even get to hear my own voice being brilliant – reading a poem or inspiring others…LOLOLOL!)

Why haven’t I shared this before? Haven’t been able to figure out some of the technology for posting in this blog. I want to be able to post text in color. I want to be able to share stuff like this within this narrow box… Maybe the box is too small? I wanted to share it with artwork and colorful banners… balloons and music and celebrations – and technologically I still don’t know quite the best way to do that. So here it is – imperfectly perfect… LOL!
Maybe it’s time for a new theme? Maybe ask for some help from TNT?
Could be… Last week I got New Wings – so anything is possible!

May your day be filled with Magic and Miracles. Mine is and will continue to be…
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream ~ Miraculous Mistakes

Lines, shapes, color, drawing or painting?

Mistake?Linear Mistakes Take Form

Yesterday’s photo was a fresh perspective created by structure – horizontal and vertical lines – opening on a vast horizon, space. Dark stair rails, vertical trees, fat lines, skinny lines in a rigid, safe, familiar, understandable, comforting visual structure.

Keep moving…knowing what you can’t see right this minute is out there, you just have to keep moving to a new point of view to see it! At the bottom of the stairs, I found more basics and beauty…
… the vastness of sky, water, ice, snow. As I walk this seeming stark and desolate place, it is as if I am in an art gallery, and yet … there is beauty and danger: deep crevasses – ankle breakers, filled with fresh snow, hidden. The rim of the ice cliffs, undercut by waves, inviting me closer to the edge, and yet how far out dare I go?

I see drawings and paintings everywhere. I saw this line drawing in the snow at the edge of a break, tide pool below, higher cliff-bank. It became more painterly because it was one of those miraculous mistakes. Wearing gloves, I had inadvertently moved a setting on my camera and took several of these shots before realizing the “mistake.”

Later, while reviewing, editing, deleting (I delete a LOT of mistakes) I realized that this shot offered a very simple, beautiful and stark set of deep cut lines and soft curved shapes. Dancing lines of positive and negative space, invisible unless you see both. The mind’s eye leads in a pattern, left, right, down, up, around and through. In reality there is no “frame”, no box, just space. Georgia O’Keefe once wrote that she had been taught to “…fill the space beautifully” when looking at a blank page or canvas. It took her years to “get it”. Me, too! One can’t force art, just let it flow. Sometimes, I just have to figure out how to “frame” it. This is my beach and my studio. I love the subtle, quiet accidents that occur when my eyes, my heart, my dream, my camera and the images we take are all aligned in the best “frame” of mind.
The Universe supports our doing what we love even when we think it is a mistake. May your day be filled with miraculous mistakes!

Namaste – Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream – Perspective

Fresh Perspectives

The ELEMENTS of Art and Life and Nature run in Parallel Lines in my brain.
I am an artist. I see as an artist, I think as an artist, I teach as an artist, and I still learn as an artist.
Yesterday, I was blessed to arrive at the beach (studio) and find no one else’s tracks on this stairway. I have been here so many times before and always had to follow someone else’s tracks, so my heart was leaping with Joy at the opportunity to finally get this shot – with no tracks. At last, with perfect timing, I was the first one there. It took 2 years! (Patience)

Perspective – I learned to draw perspective when I was nine. Lying on the living room floor, with a great big drawing pad, my dad patiently taught me to see how lines disappear at the vanishing point and how to move the vanishing point. Basic elements of art and seeing. The farther away something is, the smaller it becomes. Color diminishes, pales.

I think I spent weeks showing him vanishing points and perspective on walks, in the neighborhood, standing at the back of the church, looking up the aisle. He must have been very patient, too.

Perspective is part of how I learned to see… to draw, to live.
When something is close it appears large, and even if it is far away, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We just can’t see it.
People, love, life are like that. Sometimes it’s all about putting things into perspective… Yesterday I was blessed with fresh snow, no tracks and a perfect example of perspective.

Life is wonderful!
May your day be filled with perspective – knowing what you can’t see right this minute is out there, you just have to keep moving to a new point of view to see it! At the bottom of the stairs, I found more basics… and beauty.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Tuesday Planner – catch up?

Tuesday ~ 2 on TWOsday – Play with a friend Beautifully!
(Note to myself: Get to work on time! Boogie Beans class tonight!)

So much for plans. Life happens and some plans get off track. My blog plan did. It’s all good. Catching up. Monday post was “late” and way long – and probably overdue.
This is Tuesday’s post showing up on Wednesday. Start again. Did play with friends on Tuesday, in the course of work and after. Ooops – Slept through BB class and that’s why I love being able to download the recordings from a late night west coast source when a nap or early to bed is required. Backup plan B. Adjusting schedule to speed ups by slowing down. Sleep, naps are required for dreaming anyway! May be the fastest path for manifesting.
Breathe. Monday was packed with miracles and Miracles, Tuesday was slower paced. This morning, catch up. Tonight, do Wednesday post.
Breathe. Eat. Dance. Live. Love. Keep it simple, sweet and short.

Life is good and moving fast. Somedays I move slowly, while my mind races ahead, then these words by Simon and Garfunkel pop in:
Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the mornin’ last.
Just kickin’ down the cobblestones,
Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy.

Yeah, old song, who says “groovey” anymore?
I’m in a super groove, not a rut.
Off to work, promises to keep,
Yes, sometimes life is nuts..

Some days are just nuts, other days, might oaks from little acorns grow.

Enjoy your day! Remembering this “play” is life! Balancing what others call work with play.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Good Morning!

My best days happen when I jump out of bed, and greet my day with “What do I get to do today?” instead of “What do I have to do today?” or “What should I do today?”
(A Boogie Buddy at planetSARK coined the words. If I knew for sure who it was, I’d give them credit…)

I get to write.
I get to do the dishes in Joy Bubbles.
I get to plow snow and drive the tractor and think and write in my head.
I get to sit on the deck, in a 20F heat wave, with my dog and a cup of hot coffee, while watching woodpeckers at the feeder.
I get to pay the bills.
I get to edit words and images.
I get to nap and dream.
I get a day “off” to do what I love.
I get to love!
What do you get to do today?

Whatever “it” is I hope you LOVE.

Namaste ~ Star Bear