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Snow whispers…

Sunday, December 13, 2010
5:30 am

In the quiet darkness of morning moonlit snow silence. Shhhhsh, swsshhh, crunch, the first step, the only sound, whispers.

‎:) …. Whispers – Followed by… the swish of the snow shovel, roar of the diesel tractor, (Thank you, tractor for starting so easily! 🙂 8 degrees, wind chill minus 20 and a total of twelve hours of pushing snow… with two food warm-up breaks preceded by 6 hours yesterday and 5 the day before… I love snow and would love to share some with you! I am blissfully asking the snow fairies to dance at your place for a few days.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Snow. Snow plowing. Snowshoes. Deep Snow. More snow falling! Yay! A foot + in 24 hours. Cold…Brrr…Windy…wind chill… Plow, eat, warm up, plow. to get to work… Thank you anonymous angel who sent a gas card for fuel and gift certificate for T.P., shampoo, etc.
Did you know you can’t drive a tractor while wearing snow shoes? LOL! May your day be filled with laughter and lots of snow!

copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis

More About the Labyrinth – Making Art

About the Labyrinth ~ and how I work.
Many questions are asked about the artwork I produce and how I work. Taking time to answer a few, let’s use the Labyrinth as a starting point.

First, someone asked,
How did you find so many stones to match in color, shape and size?
The short answer: Keep my eyes open, go where there are a lot of stones.
The long answer: I think of the beach near my home as Creator’s art supply store, full of wonderous materials for making art and finding beauty. With 31 MILES of wilderness beach at my feet, it is rich and abundant, filled with colors and shapes. Lake Superior’s beaches offer some of the most colorful stones on the planet. The inventory rotates with storms and wave actions, thus it changes regularly. Often, I think of the beach as “my studio,” a wide open space, full of creativity and a place to “play” with ideas.

Where do your ideas come from?
Short answer: Creator, being inspired by a word, a group, or an experience. Ideas flow easily when I am in touch with Joy.
Long answer: The week I created the Labyrinth, I had set aside time to celebrate the completion of Denise Linn’s 28 week Soul Coaching course. There were 700+ participants from all over the world. When I want to fully connect spiritually, I go to the “beach studio,” where the energy flows freely from all directions of the universe. It is where I meditate and express gratitude for all that I am blessed with. As part of this day’s celebration, I knew that Denise was in California, offering a celebration ceremony for the entire group, and we had been told of the date and time. It was during this time I went to the beach.
The Labyrinth was not what I had “planned” on doing this day. It just “came” to me. It was cold, windy, and I was wearing snowmobile clothes to be warm in the wind in April. A “perfect” day at the beach!

A small part of "my beach studio"

It's easy to find materials at this art supply store!

I had planned to simply meditate and perhaps build something small, yet monumental, as a momento of closure for the group and my participation. Searching for large stones to build something simple, I began once again to notice all of the beautiful flat round stones around me. It felt as if each stone represented a participant in the course, and they each ”spoke” to me with color and shape. As I gathered stones, I still had no idea what form they would take. Sitting with a small pile of stones and rubbing my hands together, the North wind was freezing! I had to get moving to stay warm.

Then I realized the wind was my ally! It was creating fresh canvases for me to “draw” on. A hawk feather blew near – Hawk – my personal keen eyed helper. I placed the hawk feather upright in the sand, where I first began to build… and it blew away while I was gathering more stones. It only blew a few feet away, to a better canvas…! I stood the feather up once more in the sand, as a blessing to the group and a sign from Creator – build here – do this!
And the labyrinth took form… each stone placed, guided by commitment, inspiration, joy and gratitude for 28 weeks of participation with a group of people I’ve never even met in person, but with whom I was strongly connected. The Labyrinth emerged, evolved after that, effortlessly. As each stone was carefully placed, it was as if I was taking another step in the Labyrinth – Walking Stones.
When I was finished, I looked for the Hawk Feather – it had gone with the wind!

How do you get the stones into such a perfect circle, spiral?
Short answer: Practice, practice, practice.
Long answer: I decided, at age nine, that I wanted to learn to draw a perfect circle without a compass. I spent weeks, one summer, practicing every day. I drew on newpapers, discarded envelopes, on the backs of letters. I drew with pens, pencils, crayons, chalk on sidewalks, drew in the dirt with sticks. (Today I would probably be carted off and diagnosed with OCD.) I was determined to be able to draw…better! Learning this skill has served me well. I can draw almost anything, with anything, on anything!
Did you draw a spiral first in the sand?
I did not draw the Labyrinth. I can “see” the shape I want and place things where they need to be to form that shape. In this case, I created a “drawing” using stones as dots… connecting the dots, connecting the people, connecting energy…

How long did it take to build the labyrinth?
Short answer: A few hours, an afternoon.
Long answer: My whole life. Learning to draw, learning to express myself in visual form is an ongoing process of practice, learn, do, be and practice some more. I “borrowed” part of this answer from Alexander Calder, sculptor, inventor of the mobile, the stabile and an artist with a great sense of humor! In an interview, someone asked him how long it took for him to create a simple line drawing on a paper napkin. They had seen him draw it in a few seconds, but when asked how long it took him to make such a beautiful drawing, he answered “A lifetime.” He was in his seventies, I believe, at the time. His answer helped me realize that we bring our selves, our life experiences, our sense of humor, our love for people, AND a lifetime of learning art skills to the making of art. The more I have developed my skills, the easier they are to use.
The Labyrinth continues as a project. I will continue to watch it and take more images of it, to see it in different light.

Why do you do this kind of art?
Short answer: It inspires me and it’s fun work. (It’s also how I make my living.)
Long answer: It is environmentally friendly art. Using what nature offers, I build, I draw, sometimes I paint, using the colors of the stones as a palette. It is a way to be active and outdoors, moving, thinking, planning. It requires that I be cognizant of the patterns of weather, time of day, movement of the sun and light. It engages my senses and sensibilities, fully, and time clocks become meaningless. Noticing the sun, the light become reminders of time to rest. (Oh, and my sometimes growly stomach!) 

Where the Labyrinth lives - for now!

6 Weeks Later

Then, later, I photograph, over time, letting nature change the image. Different times of day, different light, makes a whole different picture. The wind moves the sand, creating a variety of textures – changes the canvas. I love watching these changes, often very subtle, sometimes very slow. The Labyrinth still exists, at this remote beach, and in an ongoing series of photographs.

Questions? Please ask… there may be an answer.
Comments? Please do!
Thank you for asking, reading, visiting, enjoying!

Betsy Lewis

Ceremonial Stones

2009 08 Nov  HeartIMG_0006100dpiblog

These are the stones sent to Denise for the Labyrinth Ceremony, November 15th. When it was time to mail them, I had no specific names for the stones,  so, we just know and trust that the perfect stone for you will be chosen by Denise.
I tried to find a way to send them that would make it easy for Denise to add them to the cairn, so they were mailed loose in a baggie with a yellow ribbon tied around them. (This month’s Chakra Color.)
Initially, I made a card with mild adhesive, and every time I picked it up some stones fell off. Not wishing the stones to be glued or goopy, the baggie seemed the best way. Also did not want Denise to have to work too hard to get them unglued.  So the end result:  Get all the stones in place and take a picture!
So, here are “your” stones, containing ancient energy, from Lake Superior’s Healing Waters on their way to the Labyrinth, carrying joy and love and light!

The stones are tiny, the heart is actually 4 inches across. (Picture makes them look bigger) The smallest stone is about the size of a pea, that’s the dark orange one just right of center towards the bottom. They are unpolished, quartz, agate, carnelian, basalt, granite, mica and ? The variety was chosen to represent all the different people and places of those on this journey who may have wanted a stone sent in their name. 

Doing this was a real juicer, Source and Inspiration made me do this! LOL! Know that you are in my heart and on your way to the Labyrinth. Even not knowing your name, these are full of love and joy!

Love to all!