Blog Buddies and Links

The postaday2011 has been outrageously fun and enlightening.
Finding Blog Buddies has been an adventure in … well into a large and interesting spectrum of ideas, people and styles – lifestyles, blogging styles, writing stlyes, political, religious – different people , different ages, from all over the planet.
I have found several interesting people to support and be supported by in the postaday challenge!
I also found some neat blogs
Janwrites about gratitude
Robin-writes about life
Gina-a student who writes fiction and love letters to lockers (no she is not nuts!)
Jim – who pays attention to quiet things and writes about writing
Sarah – who is getting rid of something each day – decluttering 365 items

Another link I love: SARK
and the Boogie Buddies Group!

If I can only figure out how to do these in side bar…

For now – I could add more, like Hay House Radio, Boogie Buddy Blogs… and… I am out of time. Gotta write a blog for 1-12-2011.

Your comments are appreciated!

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