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Thank You !

Spiritual Harvest

Yesterday’s Post was #100 on this blog. That seemed significant, a nice round number. So Thank YOU, reader, friend, for visiting, encouraging, commenting. While making the commitment to postaday2011, I was not fully cognizant of how slow my posting goes. I include images whenever possible, and love sharing beauty. I seem unable to post just to post, yet showing up is part of the game… especially in life!
Some wonderful people keep encouraging focus on just one thing – stoneworks, photography, or writing. For me, they are interconnected, inseparable. Combining visual art with writing is my “thing.” I am grateful for being me and the energy life gives me. What is my focus? To continue to share beauty, it is everywhere and always available, in nature, in people, in the universe. That may take the form of images, constructions, nature, words or in combination.
So for today, I am simply grateful for where I live, each breath I breathe, and the life I get to live and share, with friends and strangers alike. Thank you for being you, being who you are, doing what you do.
Another commitment has called, taking priority – completing artwork and other projects. My postaday2011 commitment has not been reached, and yet it is so useful to discover how commitment works.
At times I have commented that when I am fully committed to something, I may just have to be committed in an institution somewhere… LOL!
While I may not post every day, I am here, working, reading others blogs, slowly. Play time is also essential, and getting to the beach… which is playtime, worktime combined.
An earlier post says part of it, and now YOU are a part of the Basket of Abundance .
I am renaming it “Basket of Abundance & Gratitude” just for you – You are all part of the abundance, variety, diversity, life on this planet!
Thank you for being in the basket!

May your day be filled with beauty and love, and if you cannot find it, just look in the mirror and smile!

Megwitch and Namaste ~ Star Bear


Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Basket of Abundance

Spiritual Harvest

These are some of my treasures, from where I live and why I live here… in addition to the abundance of snow and cold…
Agates, little dipper stones, cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco and sage… a basket of spiritual abundance, including golden angel wings! East, South, West, North and heaven. A feather fan for smudging ceremonies, a wooden flute that holds the call of the loon…(the flute is not pictured..)
It was so cold outside today, I never left the house! I think that’s a first for me. It was -20F when I got up this morning and the temp rose to a balmy -4F during the heat of the day. A quiet day spent counting my blessings and expressing gratitude for all of the teachings I have been exposed to.
As one of my native teachers always says, “Take what works for you, what feels right and good…” and so I have been gifted with sage to grow, harvest, and bundle.
Bundled with the help of Good Spirits and beauty. It was not a chore – it was days of delight, cutting, drying, hanging singing, wrapping…
I have been gifted with sweetgrass plantings, and hopefully, this summer will be harvesting that, as well.
My basket is full, and always emptying and making room for more… when I go to the beach in summer, beautiful agates and stones find me, and the angel wings? A secret I cannot tell, just that they are golden angel wings, given to me by a powerful spirit guide in the course of a magical miracle… another story for another campfire.

A different day, a different mircle…
A few years ago, at Summer Solstice, I participated in a special ceremony for many days. In the process of having a medicine wheel marked on my left arm, the elder who was performing the ceremony had placed 11 of the 13 marks necessary to complete the wheel…when I passed out – cold. It took several minutes for me to regain consciousness, during which time I went on a magical journey. When I awoke I was so embarrased! Yet many came to me afterwards and thanked me for sharing the vision/journey and taking them with me. Then they shared with me what they saw and experienced, and it was what I saw as well. It was an open place where people on the path gathered and celebrated… and everyone was kind and caring for one another. There were specific people in the vision, and I had never felt so included, so caring and cared for in my life. We were visited by Thunderbird, and soon after, as ceremonies ended, an eagle circled our ceremonial camp.
Later, the elder who was performing the ceremony pulled me aside and we talked. He asked me what I thought it all meant, passing out, going on a spontaneous vision quest. In my dazed state, I was unable to say. He said, “It will come to you. Give it time…” and then he said about my not completeing the ceremony of the medicine wheel offering “It may well be a sign that you have given enough, and it is time for rest. You can complete it next year, if it is meant to be…” The following year it was complete.
I have a medicine wheel for life. I am a Master Reiki Healer. I create healing through art and heart and talking with people. I know my totems well, and am a keeper of others secrets. It is my way,
I will soon be changing once again – and that is why part of my name is starbear… a part of the night sky, constantly changing… and denning up today.
Namaste ~ may your visions be clear, joyful, and filled with love.