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Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from Me AND My Dream

Postcard from Me & My Dream

Have you missed me? I have missed you, too!
Sorry to be MIA!
Missing in Action – Action being the operative word…
Loving my environment
Using it without causing harm
Making Art – Environmental Art
Making plans
Giving and receiving
Taking care of myself and people I love.
Learning, always learning.

15 days in the studio, 15 days in my life, 15 Days of Miracles… While Valentine’s Day is a date on the calendar, every day is for loving.
It is winter, I am StarBear and sometimes require hibernation, slow breathing, slowing heart rate, loving my work, going with the flow of seasons and cycles. Each day building on another to build a foundation.

If you missed me, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you…
And while I was away you were in my heart, not frozen, melting in sunshine or rain, and always here.

While I usually find something I want to change or eliminate in my photos, this one is unedited, unchanged. It is my real heart, my true love, radiating in sunshine… and just a tiny part of a series of ice sculpture/photos – just a tiny portion of what I have been up to for the past two weeks. Missing posts, moving forward, living my dream.
“They” say make hay while the sun shines, I say make ice when it is cold enough.
Coming soon to an Art Gallery near you!

Namaste ~ starbear

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Work in progress – Steady as a Rock!

August 23, 2010

Quarter Past the Hour

Finally, progress. I began this piece some time ago, and got stuck…. then distracted, producing postcards for the museum.
That aside, I realized I was missing something very important – studio time at the beach. I have had beach time, with family, with friends, with other’s families, with children… and no just “being” alone, creative play time. It is different. I have re-discovered that sometimes I like to be alone, to experiment, to observe, to listen, to “play”, to observe and play w/ the relationships of colors and shapes and allow and accept the guidance of the now.
So, here (above) is a teaser of that piece I was “stuck” on. Started weeks ago, left undisturbed on a public beach, over the past 3 days it has evolved. It may be finished. I will decide this week. This teaser is just a small portion of it.

A full beautiful day, 7-8 hours of uninterrupted time, gathering, building shooting – inspired 3 other peripheral pieces and encountered a visitor… see “Today’s Image” to meet the beautiful visitor!
New works in progress:

Simple Balance - Stable & Grounded

Balancing Act

Balancing Act 2

And reaching a new pinnacle:
Taking wind into consideration, balance is pivotal....

Reaching a New Pinnacle

So three days of just being me, doing what I love. For the rock towers, there are many words, “cairns” = markers along the way. They have been built since the beginning of time, to mark paths, road crossings, give directions, leave a message. The Ojibwe word for them is “Inooksook.” Fun to say – In-nook-sook.
Such simple beauty in these stones. I love finding the “right” ones, fitting them together, finding the balance points, laughing when they fall, failing often, color coordinating them. With such a huge supply, it sometimes takes many journeys to and fro to find the best fits, flat, round, right thickness, color, patterns.
I would LOVE to do these as garden installations or gallery installations! I will probably bring these home… It’s a long haul, and worth it!

I do hope you enjoy these visits to the Studio… And a note to those who have posted comments – I try to respond when I am able. Working in town has cut deeply into my time, and know that your comments, suggestions, inspirations are all read and appreciated!

Stones Speak when we take time to listen –
Now 200 more images to edit! It was a fabulous 2 days! Felt like a 2 week vacation. May your days be filled with JOY and Dancing!
Be back sooner,
~ Betsy