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Thank You !

Spiritual Harvest

Yesterday’s Post was #100 on this blog. That seemed significant, a nice round number. So Thank YOU, reader, friend, for visiting, encouraging, commenting. While making the commitment to postaday2011, I was not fully cognizant of how slow my posting goes. I include images whenever possible, and love sharing beauty. I seem unable to post just to post, yet showing up is part of the game… especially in life!
Some wonderful people keep encouraging focus on just one thing – stoneworks, photography, or writing. For me, they are interconnected, inseparable. Combining visual art with writing is my “thing.” I am grateful for being me and the energy life gives me. What is my focus? To continue to share beauty, it is everywhere and always available, in nature, in people, in the universe. That may take the form of images, constructions, nature, words or in combination.
So for today, I am simply grateful for where I live, each breath I breathe, and the life I get to live and share, with friends and strangers alike. Thank you for being you, being who you are, doing what you do.
Another commitment has called, taking priority – completing artwork and other projects. My postaday2011 commitment has not been reached, and yet it is so useful to discover how commitment works.
At times I have commented that when I am fully committed to something, I may just have to be committed in an institution somewhere… LOL!
While I may not post every day, I am here, working, reading others blogs, slowly. Play time is also essential, and getting to the beach… which is playtime, worktime combined.
An earlier post says part of it, and now YOU are a part of the Basket of Abundance .
I am renaming it “Basket of Abundance & Gratitude” just for you – You are all part of the abundance, variety, diversity, life on this planet!
Thank you for being in the basket!

May your day be filled with beauty and love, and if you cannot find it, just look in the mirror and smile!

Megwitch and Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-a-day 2011: ~ Full Moon

Full Moon #791... and counting!

Full Moon #791

“I see the moon, the moon sees ME.
God bless the moon, and God bless thee!”

…A poem I learned somewhere along the way between 1 and 791 full moons. Many moons ago, my children and I would sing-song this as they were being tucked into bed, covers pulled up with a kiss goodnight on the forehead.
In the witnessing of 791 full moons, I have learned much, about life and the moon… Men have visited it, and no women that I know… and yet this full circle of feminine energy shows up every month, year after year to illuminate the planet, the universe. Predictable, on schedule, radiant.
This simple image is a note to myself. It is not photogenius. It is the moon over the woods near home, a moon shared by all. How does one capture an image of moon energy? Is it possible? When I revisit this note, I will not remember the hordes of mosquitos and other biters attacking me as I waited patiently for moonrise. I will remember this moon, these wispy clouds, the muted colors of day turning to dusk turning to night, quietly. I will remember the beauty of a warm July night. I will remember loving friends who lift me up and who I lift up… along with those who are strangers. I will reflect this gentle beauty back to everyone I meet over the coming days. So with this imperfect, perfectly blurry image of tonight’s full moon, I offer you a simple note of reminder. This moon, this energy is ours to enjoy, to share, whether we can see it or not. Every person on the planet is a recipient of this marvelous energy. Isn’t that amazing?
Sometimes my kids and I would change the words and say:
“I see the moon, the moon sees ME.
God bless the moon, and God bless WE!”

I hope you count your full moons, count your blessings and have a good night and a beautifully illuminating day!

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-a-day 2011 – Circle Dance

Circles of Friends, Circles of Joy

Circles of stone...

Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
… Step one: “The first step out of darkness can be blinding in the light… as we step into the light and our eyes adjust… we find ourselves surrounded by loving friends.”
Today it is a crowd, cheering me on…cheering for each other and I thought it was baby steps… or just going in circles… then the circles grew larger… while my slow eyes adjusted to the brilliant light. Creator is laughing with us… and the light is coming from everywhere… 🙂
May your day be joyful and filled with color, friends, love and circles of laughter with friends!
Namaste ~ Star Bear
~ copyright 2011~Betsy Lewis
This post inspired by Daring Dreamers, SARK, Mike, Angi, my kids and my incredible circle of friends and of course, you and everyone who “sends” me to the beach for time outs! 🙂 Thank You!

Celebrating 6 Months of Postaday2011

June 30, 2011 – the last day of June, the mid-point of this year. To all the postaday2011 bloggers, this is halfway! Congratulations!

You are doing it – blogging daily, sometimes, often.

Inook Sook - Cairn - Marking the Day! Celebrate!

Today’s image – Inook Sook I built on Lake Superior – pronounced Inook-Shook in Ojibwe. Inooksooks are used as markers – way markers, reference points, trail markers, directional markers, or to identify and share places and events of special meaning. The spelling I use is from an Ojibwe elder.

(According to Wikipedia it’s mostly an arctic tradition, yet my Native American friends tell me they have been built here for eons.)

In English – It’s a Cairn – Wikipedia has interesting info.  So, Congratulations, fellow postaday2011, postaweek2011, or weekly photo challenge participants. Celebrate your success. You are still here, writing profoundly or not, writing humor, laughing, or whatever floats your boat or rocks you.

I started the postaday 2011 challenge late – I didn’t find out about it until January 8th. I was home from work, sick, and when I made the commitment, I didn’t realize that it was because I was home sick that I had time to sit and write and edit photos everyday. My first “offcial” post a day 2011 post started with: “What may be mundane to some, becomes important to others…” I atill have no idea what is important to others…

I have succeeded in part, yet not posting every day. Out of a possible 180 opportunities (days) I have posted 50 posts including this one. Graded by a teacher on percentages, I would flunk! Another failure! The former over-achieving perfectionist in me says “YES!”

 Seen another way, I have succeeded. I have been writing everyday, not always posting. I have learned to recycle images and writing. I am taking more photographs less often. I have learned that “likes” bump your blog up in the search engines. I have learned that maybe not that many people care about  what I have to say. I have learned that maybe my writing sucks? I have also learned that some people LOVE my photographs and what I say about them. Others like my poems. I have read some great blogs and some that are meant for someone else to read. I started with some blog buddies.  Now, I follow some interesting blogs including:  


 Life in the Bogs 

 Inside & Out – Marge Mercurio     

I drop-in on some friends to see what they are up to. One friend is homeless in California and only gets to blog once in a while from the library…. And she is one of the most upbeat people I know! Her blog, Birthing your Creative Fire is about what it is like being homeless.

One friend is creating a butterfly a day at My Butterfly Year –  and another  is teaching people about bullying and how to generate kindness instead: Hearts that Care.

 Many of my friends are very creative… and I prefer joyous, thoughtful, informative, enlightening, educational.. I also found out that it takes a lot of computer time to really read stuff. Maybe I am slow? My computer is slow… I still have not figured out how to get the blogs I like into the side bar and don’t know if it’s the theme I use or my own impatience.

My own life in the past 6 months has been a roller coaster – about which I choose not to write, except occasionally. In brief: My phone has been turned off – and back on, a couple of times. My internet has been turned off – and back on, a couple of times. My electricity – same story. In March, my computer died and was resurrected, thanks to a European friend who ordered the part on e-bay and had it shipped to me. In April I changed jobs. In May, I hit a deer with my truck and smashed them both up.  Good things: I was unhurt and I have great insurance! For the month of May, when gas prices soared, I got to drive a rental car that got great mileage- a miracle, since I drive 60 miles round trip to work. I lost an old friend, and made many new ones. I have listened to and read umpty-seven online classes and seminars on how to use the internet for marketing, how to improve my writing, how to be braver, how to find the love of my life, how to love the love of my life, how to get rid of the feelings I have for the love of my life,  how to parent better, how to love better, how to make more money, how to save money,  how to focus more, how to focus less, how write more, how take better pictures, how to say what I want, how to ask, how to give, how to receive, how to eat, how to pray… and how to blog.

For today I will simply celebrate and mark this day as halfway to somewhere and looking forward to the ongoing journey of sharing and learning. Is it art? Poetry? Photography? Sharing? Giving? Have a wonderful postaday2011.

Celebrate your successes. I am. I’m still here – blogging sparkling, laughing. 

Namaste ~ Starbear


Theresa Reflects...

Theresa – Part of the Spirit of Place

Theresa was one of my first friends when I moved to the Upper Peninsula. One of the things she loved to do was to “take” me to her favorite places. Actually, I drove and she pointed the way. We laughed a lot about that… she was no longer comfortable driving into the woods alone. (She was in her 70’s then)
It was Theresa who introduced me to the beauty of one of my favorite beaches and on one perfect fall day I was able to capture this reflective image of her – dancing along the edge of a tide pool looking for agates. She had a beautiful voice and loved to sing, so sometimes we sang on our drives and to the Lake.
I created this as a greeting card for her, and she loved writing notes in them to her old friends, telling them about our adventures. When I asked her permission to use this image for one my first Lake Superior Images she was excited and honored that I named it “Theresa Reflects”. I was honored that she gave her permission. I kept her supplied with “her” cards and often told her it was all her fault. It was her fault that I began my ongoing series of beach images and spirit art. It was because of Theresa I began collecting and working with rocks… It was an ongoing joke between us. When I saw her last summer and asked if she wanted to go to the beach, she was unable to go.
Yesterday, I learned from her daughter that she left us on Mother’s Day. Knowing Theresa, it was her choice of days. She was a devoted Mom and I loved her as one of the inspiring women in my life. We shared a love of the outdoors, agates, and Lake Superior.
Thank you Theresa, for being a bright spirit and for sharing so richly with me. You are always with me at the beach and continue to inspire my work. Thank you for your reflections of love. Thank you for your laughter and songs. Thank you for being, wherever you are, singing, dancing, laughing, and being cantankerous! LOL! Thank you for being a good friend.

Namaste ~ Betsy

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream to YOURS!

I have a secret – I love to share!
I love to share Laughter and Joy!… and Silliness and Play… (You probably already knew that LOL!)
I love to share my work, my ideas, my friends, my toys and “my” resources! SARK is my most favorite, lovable, welcoming friendly resource – and I cannot keep Susan (aka SARK) or her programs and books a secret any longer. She is a wonderful mentor and friend. I love learning in fun ways and have fun doing it – even the tuff stuff. I love having fun with people. Susan brings out the best in me and others!
So if you want to check out one of my “secrets” to success and have some fun, click on the image below to meet Susan to read and hear more.

For me, Dream Boogie produces prodigious results, deLIGHTFILLED Dancing, Daring dreaming, and Fiestas of Fun. Dream Boogie is an 8 week online course, including beautiful pages of OWNwork (not homework), weekly Teleseminars where connecting in small groups is serendipitously synchronistically magical, inspiring downloads, insightful excercises offering fabulous support and deep connections with other creative and productive creative beings… including yourself… like connecting your right brain with your left brain. LOL! and DUH!… and if you miss a call, you can re-listen anytime… I LOVE listening to the calls – (Sometimes I even get to hear my own voice being brilliant – reading a poem or inspiring others…LOLOLOL!)

Why haven’t I shared this before? Haven’t been able to figure out some of the technology for posting in this blog. I want to be able to post text in color. I want to be able to share stuff like this within this narrow box… Maybe the box is too small? I wanted to share it with artwork and colorful banners… balloons and music and celebrations – and technologically I still don’t know quite the best way to do that. So here it is – imperfectly perfect… LOL!
Maybe it’s time for a new theme? Maybe ask for some help from TNT?
Could be… Last week I got New Wings – so anything is possible!

May your day be filled with Magic and Miracles. Mine is and will continue to be…
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-a-Day2011~ Postcard From My Dream

As everyone else rhapsodizes about Spring coming, here we watch the snow melt slowly. There is still over a foot of snow lying in the woods. Deep circles of space have melted around tree trunks warmed by the sun. Sap is running in nicks and cuts in pine bark… old and new wounds healing.
I have been writing a lot and not posting. Limited time, a computer problem, asking for and receiving miracles on a daily basis, transferring work assignments to a new position (bi-lateral movement, not forward?) making new art and new choices… creating opportunities – I am springing back into life, even as the snow slowly disappears.
The only other visible signs of Spring, thus far, have been the LIGHT and no fresh snow! Longer, brighter days pulling me to the beach, if only briefly, where, from the low ground of the beach, high snowbanks still obscure the waters of Lake Superior and a few pebbles melt down through the snow. As the wind blows from the North, the snowpack/icepack on the Lake washes in to shore then back out again. On different days the wonderful water is visible from the bluff, or not, depending on the Wind.
The sky is crisp and clear with infinite light!
Some patches of sand and sandy snow are appearing along the row of melting pools lining the backside bases of the view blocking banks. Unable to go in the best of daylight for fresh photos you can see it here.
And so… my post-a-day is barely a post-a-month… I found I stopped posting because while I do write every day, some is not yet for public consumption. In my excitement to share, I find I share too much and secrets I am learning to keep.

Who will want to buy my books if they are all free here? Sometime ago, I made a commitment to myself and others, no longer give it all away for free. So while I develop things to be offered freely, and as I create to also sell, I have learned to discern abit more carefully.
Those who love my work and find value and inspiration here… Thank you. There will be more, and freebies galore.

Yet even I, dubbed Miracle Maker, love paying my bills. So when the book is ready for sale you will be the first to know!

In the meantime, here is a freebie from one of my mentors! Calling all writers, wordsmiths, wannabe writers and those with a dream to write and share your work: Give this a click and play!
SARK just announced SARK’s Wild Words Contest! It’s sort of combination between a writing contest and a treasure hunt…and EVERYONE who enters wins a prize! One person will win the JUICY GRAND PRIZE, which includes being FEATURED in your own “Magical Mini-Memoir” in the program – right alongside the other inspiring writers. Enter today – the contest ends April 8th! Plus, through April 8, there is an “Early Word Special” with a really nice discount. Enter SARK’s Wild Words Contest here!

May your day be filled with scrumptiousness – good food, good friends and writing with your favorite pen or crayon!
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Tuesday Planner – catch up?

Tuesday ~ 2 on TWOsday – Play with a friend Beautifully!
(Note to myself: Get to work on time! Boogie Beans class tonight!)

So much for plans. Life happens and some plans get off track. My blog plan did. It’s all good. Catching up. Monday post was “late” and way long – and probably overdue.
This is Tuesday’s post showing up on Wednesday. Start again. Did play with friends on Tuesday, in the course of work and after. Ooops – Slept through BB class and that’s why I love being able to download the recordings from a late night west coast source when a nap or early to bed is required. Backup plan B. Adjusting schedule to speed ups by slowing down. Sleep, naps are required for dreaming anyway! May be the fastest path for manifesting.
Breathe. Monday was packed with miracles and Miracles, Tuesday was slower paced. This morning, catch up. Tonight, do Wednesday post.
Breathe. Eat. Dance. Live. Love. Keep it simple, sweet and short.

Life is good and moving fast. Somedays I move slowly, while my mind races ahead, then these words by Simon and Garfunkel pop in:
Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the mornin’ last.
Just kickin’ down the cobblestones,
Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy.

Yeah, old song, who says “groovey” anymore?
I’m in a super groove, not a rut.
Off to work, promises to keep,
Yes, sometimes life is nuts..

Some days are just nuts, other days, might oaks from little acorns grow.

Enjoy your day! Remembering this “play” is life! Balancing what others call work with play.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Love from Lake Superior

Love has no boundaries...

Love has no boundaries...


StarBear interviews Artist, Betsy Lewis

(Bear) What kind of “Art” is this?
It is art from the environment, made with what is/was at hand. It is the “original” art form, people using material in their environment to express an idea, thought or feeling without words. Visual art.

(Bear) Why do you do stuff, art, like this?
It started as a little gift for my sister, 400 miles away and ill, to cheer her up, find a way to tell her how much I love her, a way to deal with her illness from so far away, a way to deal with sadness, loss, not feeling good about feeling sad, then it became more… a way to share the JOY in life… in my life with others. It made me happy. It just grew into something that I had to share with others outside of my immediate family! Why do I do “art?” Love! Joy! Sharing!

(Bear)How many stones are in it?
Over 100 full canvas book bags (each bag weighing about 35 pounds when full) so my best guess-timate is, oh, maybe, a ton and a half. As I worked, each stone, large or small became reminder of all the people I love… people I know, who are in my life, those who have left, those who taught me, loved me and those not yet known. We are all connected. I don’t know how many stones are in it, a lot, and I had a spiritual, loving, encounter with each one. The variety of stones is similar to the people in my life, large, small, rough, smooth, bright, light, dark…. it takes them all fitting together, somehow, to make a whole heart. Each one has it’s own special place in the heart, and it’s own story to tell.

(Bear) Is this like a… a Heart of Stone?
Well, Yes and No.
The “yes” part: In the physical universe, it is made of individually and randomly selected pink pieces of smooth rock…granite, agate, mica, sandstone, and God only knows what else! I’m an artist, not a geologist, Ms. Bear. I only know they are old, beautiful, and have spent eons being washed and tumbled by waves and scrubbed by sand.
The “no” part: The heart is a universal symbol of love. Pink represents the life and lifeblood of all living creatures, past, present, future. Up close, the colors of this heart range from nearly white to deep red and include orange and purple, peach and lavender, light and dark stones. They were there, in the sand, little spirits waiting to be noticed. Many of them said “Take me, take, me!” “Notice me!” “helloooo!” “I want to play, too!” or “Hey! What about me?”
Some said nothing, just resting quietly, pale rocks in pale sand, waiting patiently, subtly. There were some who said, “If you choose me, I will fit wherever I’m needed,” or “I’ll help you build this up.” Each stone has/had a message… and many taught me to worry less, work harder, to feel good, to be silly, and playful. Funny little (or big) Spirits, Ms. Bear, like you and everyone else can be!
When they all were in place I saw that, Love, this heart, cannot be broken… it is made up of so many pieces, always changing, moving, new pieces added, some may be carried off by strangers, or hopefully by children! The rocks say add to this heart, take some with you, we are participatory public art. It is in ongoing flux.

(Bear)How long did it take you to build it?
At first, the better part of 3 weeks… I started July 31st, 2009. Working full-time it might have taken a week to locate, carry, then place and fit all pinkish stones/rocks. I completed it (I thought) on August 17th. After several days, I saw that more rocks were needed to build it up, make it higher, as sand, shifting from high west winds began to bury it. Then later, I had to wait for rain and wind to do their work, erasing footprints.
I am now waiting for a rainy day to photograph it wet. The intensity of the colors increase when the stone is wet. They shine, they become even more brilliant and lively.
Also, I am scheduling friends to help carry an eight-foot ladder through the woods to this beach to shoot a more aerial view.

(Bear) Will it ever be finished?
Probably not…
People are leaving notes written in the sand around it. It’s now becoming a way to communicate “hello, is someone there?” “I love…” for others.
More rocks were added this week… for DIsnowshoe and his wife; for a newly born child: Shaw Mitchell; visiting friends, Jim, and then he added one for his wife, Mary… and so the heart grows! I added some more for special friends and told them there was a piece of love in my heart, just for them. Shall we add a “Bear” stone for you?

((Bear) You would do that… for me?
Of course! All you have to do is ask!

(Bear) How big is this heart?
Over 6 x 6 feet… I am 5 feet tall and it’s bigger than you and me, Bear.

(Bear) How long will the heart last?
Physically? In this form? Who knows? – as long as it does. When Superior’s storms wash sand over it this fall, it may disappear completely. Or maybe the waves will roll all the stones back into the lake and carry them to another beach, or deep into itself, or maybe someone will come along and take them all to build something else.

(Bear) You don’t care if it disappears?
It will not disappear. The energy in those rocks is as old as God. The spirits in those rocks is just as old. The love and care put into joining them together was from…not me, an inspiration, being inspired to make a little I love you to and from God for my sister. I was just the human carrier, laughing at how much joy there was in being a prisoner, yes, a prisoner moving rocks, imagining a chain gang moving rocks. I was/am never alone in a labor of love.
If the rocks go somewhere else, they will carry the spirit of love with them. They will probably disperse in a storm, be gone by Spring. We’ll see when the snow melts won’t we, Bear?

(Bear) How will you make money on this kind of project? People don’t buy disappearing art do they?
Oh, Bear, you are funny! I don’t know if anyone will buy it…. it would take many loads and a big truck to move it… and a lot of friends carrying rocks to get them to the truck! And you can’t drive motorized vehicles on the beach ~ (actually a Bear can’t drive anywhere! LOL) Maybe someone will buy one rock? Maybe someone will buy a photo. I don’t think this heart, in it’s current physical form on the beach is for sale, it may be physically too large, too heavy. One cannot put a price on Spirit, Inspiration, can they? Hey Bear! When you are finished with this interview, would you please call ALL of your friends and mine to see if they would each help carry a few stones off the beach, before winter, so we can deliver this heart to somewhere that needs a little love?

Namaste ~
copyright 2009 Betsy Lewis