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Ceremonial Stones

2009 08 Nov  HeartIMG_0006100dpiblog

These are the stones sent to Denise for the Labyrinth Ceremony, November 15th. When it was time to mail them, I had no specific names for the stones,  so, we just know and trust that the perfect stone for you will be chosen by Denise.
I tried to find a way to send them that would make it easy for Denise to add them to the cairn, so they were mailed loose in a baggie with a yellow ribbon tied around them. (This month’s Chakra Color.)
Initially, I made a card with mild adhesive, and every time I picked it up some stones fell off. Not wishing the stones to be glued or goopy, the baggie seemed the best way. Also did not want Denise to have to work too hard to get them unglued.  So the end result:  Get all the stones in place and take a picture!
So, here are “your” stones, containing ancient energy, from Lake Superior’s Healing Waters on their way to the Labyrinth, carrying joy and love and light!

The stones are tiny, the heart is actually 4 inches across. (Picture makes them look bigger) The smallest stone is about the size of a pea, that’s the dark orange one just right of center towards the bottom. They are unpolished, quartz, agate, carnelian, basalt, granite, mica and ? The variety was chosen to represent all the different people and places of those on this journey who may have wanted a stone sent in their name. 

Doing this was a real juicer, Source and Inspiration made me do this! LOL! Know that you are in my heart and on your way to the Labyrinth. Even not knowing your name, these are full of love and joy!

Love to all!