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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Sun + Earth Day Miracles

Earth Day Sun Crystals

Earth Day 2012 dawned bright, sunny cold – 24 F and frosty. As I got in the car, dressed in winter garb, the sun hit the windshield and I couldn’t resist marvelling at the beauty of the sun co-creating with water crystals. Once the sun hit the window fully, they vanished almost instantly, and not before I was able to catch them with 6 quick shots… Pine trees and ice crystals, lit by the sun at dawn took my breath away.
My plan was to go into the woods and to the beach, to celebrate Earth Day, to capture the beauty of the little piece of earth I dwell in – my “material” world. That goal became immaterial… and was still realized.

Later in the day, as I was returning from the beach, (where of course agates appeared at my feet, as they seem to miraculously and often) a doe and yearling approached me… from the shadows of the trees. I spoke with them awhile, coaxing them closer… The older doe stayed in the shadows, cautious, yet the yearling came out into the sun, curious, interested, long enough for one full body shot… deer on the move. I crossed paths with seven deer this day, they have returned to the north woods after wintering south. The yearlings will soon be run off by the does, when they are ready to birth new fawns.

Yearling in the Sun

Yearling in the Sun

Yes, I talk to the animals in the woods. Yes, miracles happen frequently. Deer – I saw many deer on Earth Day. They are a symbol of gentleness and fit my current life theme… being gentle, with myself, others and planet earth.
Kindness, gentleness go a long way. Part of that kindness to myself has been to live life offline less and in the material world more. Less pushing to blog, more being quiet, learning, teaching, loving. Spending time with people, new friends and old.

For me right now, less of some things is more and all is well. It is pleasing me greatly to only open e-mail every few days… to be creating, building, choosing gently, and mostly, allowing… allowing miracles, allowing clarity and joy.
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Postcard from the Woods ~ Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice – the coming of the Light and Retreat of the Dark ~ in the Northern Hemisphere. The day was bright and sunny, cold, with snow still on the ground. I have been preparing for this for months – storing some of the best firewood carefully to keep it dry. Preparations – cleansing, cleaning, clearing, and moving some snow. Once again, I had a ceremony here in the woods and it was fabulous, moving, touching, sacred, cleansing, funny, shared with friends in person and others in spirit. All day the fire burned brightly in the sacred space where regrets, mistakes, the dark stuff, are written down and burned in the fire. Forgiveness, gratitude, hopes, dreams, intentions expressed in all directions to people, friends, the universe, and of course, God, for blessings (even those in disguise), miracles, love…. written down, placed in the fire and carried into the universe by gentle breezes.
I hope at some point in the yesterday of Winter Solstice, you too, were able to take time to honor and acknowledge the passage of the seasons, the year, the return of light and retreat of the dark, your growth and expansion ~ and the people in your life who teach, guide, love and share. My lists were long and if you are reading this, you were on my list – of blessings in my life. ♥

This is where the fire burned – the contrast of light and dark before the fire was built and lit…

Ring of Fire - Before

Last year’s total lunar eclipse of the full moon on Winter Solstice was amazing – see When the Universe Aligns. This year, the Universe aligned perfectly once again.
Namaste ~ StarBear

Postcards from my Dream – Unfinished Angels

Angel from the Woods

Angel from the Woods ~ Angels of Light

It is hard to fathom that so much time has passed since my last post, Dark Storms and Rainbows. For the last 55 days life has been kind of like that – dark, stormy, with many beautiful moments of color and light… Sometimes life moves faster than I seem able to keep up with…

Blogging took a back seat to Life – teaching, completing classes, beginning new classes, participating in my community, saving my home from foreclosure, my truck from being repossessed, my internet and utilities turned on, repairing the tractor, preparing for snow, printing photo and greeting card orders from angels… and making new art, from stones and painting – angels, and assisted and supported by angels in my communities, online and right here where I live. I would not have survived without assistance from angels…

This is the story of The Unfinished Angel ~ the Angel that wouldn’t dry, I thought, in time for a deadline! LOL!I painted her as part of a community project for the H.S. Key Club. Participants purchased a blank wooden cut-out of just the angel, painted them, and then they were put up for silent auction to benefit the community. They are quite large – about 18″ high and some will decorate the community Christmas tree. A friend bid on mine and I told her if she won the bid, I would finish it just for her. At the last minute an unknown bidder won her away, so she is decorating something somewhere. I guess they didn’t see her as unfinished…are angels ever incomplete?
I called her angel of the woods. I finished her on the computer and she is now my Christmas card. Another friend, upon seeing the unfinished original dubbed her the Angel of Light. I like that! So, Merry Christmas from this quiet little angel of light and me. May your holidays be filled with angels…

Yes, Angels! I have been spending time with many angels in the last 55 days! Could it be that it is part of taking “A Course in Miracles”? 🙂 I am grateful to all of the angels in my life who have lifted me up, danced, laughed, cried with me, and pushed me forward and up!
May your holidays be filled with Miracles and Angels, time with friends, family and much love.
Namaste ~ Star Bear

P.S. to subscribers – I will be e-mailing the 10 Tips for taking better photos after January 1, 2012. Thank you for you patience! You are not forgotten!

Morning After Moon

Full moon rising
In a hazy sky
Golden orb gloradiates
Softly gilded lines

Moonlight edglings
Spread a fan of tiny backlit clouds
Doubling on the mirrorlake
Peacocks tail arrayed above and below.

Stillness, silence, peace, beauty
Ahh… Can life be better than this?
What more could one want?
Hearts desire filled…

Their call begins south
Then North Answered East… nearby
Whippoorwills sing
Call shout sing whip-poor-will

Louder closer
surrounded by answers of will…

then fireflies dance.

Surrounded by love
Touching God touching me touching life…
I thought of you…
Wished you here to share this moment…
and now we do.

Namaste ~ Star Bear
Copyright 20111 Betsy Lewis

Another song by Cat Stevens to enjoy – I’m being followed by a

Post-a-Day2011~ Postcard From My Dream

As everyone else rhapsodizes about Spring coming, here we watch the snow melt slowly. There is still over a foot of snow lying in the woods. Deep circles of space have melted around tree trunks warmed by the sun. Sap is running in nicks and cuts in pine bark… old and new wounds healing.
I have been writing a lot and not posting. Limited time, a computer problem, asking for and receiving miracles on a daily basis, transferring work assignments to a new position (bi-lateral movement, not forward?) making new art and new choices… creating opportunities – I am springing back into life, even as the snow slowly disappears.
The only other visible signs of Spring, thus far, have been the LIGHT and no fresh snow! Longer, brighter days pulling me to the beach, if only briefly, where, from the low ground of the beach, high snowbanks still obscure the waters of Lake Superior and a few pebbles melt down through the snow. As the wind blows from the North, the snowpack/icepack on the Lake washes in to shore then back out again. On different days the wonderful water is visible from the bluff, or not, depending on the Wind.
The sky is crisp and clear with infinite light!
Some patches of sand and sandy snow are appearing along the row of melting pools lining the backside bases of the view blocking banks. Unable to go in the best of daylight for fresh photos you can see it here.
And so… my post-a-day is barely a post-a-month… I found I stopped posting because while I do write every day, some is not yet for public consumption. In my excitement to share, I find I share too much and secrets I am learning to keep.

Who will want to buy my books if they are all free here? Sometime ago, I made a commitment to myself and others, no longer give it all away for free. So while I develop things to be offered freely, and as I create to also sell, I have learned to discern abit more carefully.
Those who love my work and find value and inspiration here… Thank you. There will be more, and freebies galore.

Yet even I, dubbed Miracle Maker, love paying my bills. So when the book is ready for sale you will be the first to know!

In the meantime, here is a freebie from one of my mentors! Calling all writers, wordsmiths, wannabe writers and those with a dream to write and share your work: Give this a click and play!
SARK just announced SARK’s Wild Words Contest! It’s sort of combination between a writing contest and a treasure hunt…and EVERYONE who enters wins a prize! One person will win the JUICY GRAND PRIZE, which includes being FEATURED in your own “Magical Mini-Memoir” in the program – right alongside the other inspiring writers. Enter today – the contest ends April 8th! Plus, through April 8, there is an “Early Word Special” with a really nice discount. Enter SARK’s Wild Words Contest here!

May your day be filled with scrumptiousness – good food, good friends and writing with your favorite pen or crayon!
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream ~ Miraculous Mistakes

Lines, shapes, color, drawing or painting?

Mistake?Linear Mistakes Take Form

Yesterday’s photo was a fresh perspective created by structure – horizontal and vertical lines – opening on a vast horizon, space. Dark stair rails, vertical trees, fat lines, skinny lines in a rigid, safe, familiar, understandable, comforting visual structure.

Keep moving…knowing what you can’t see right this minute is out there, you just have to keep moving to a new point of view to see it! At the bottom of the stairs, I found more basics and beauty…
… the vastness of sky, water, ice, snow. As I walk this seeming stark and desolate place, it is as if I am in an art gallery, and yet … there is beauty and danger: deep crevasses – ankle breakers, filled with fresh snow, hidden. The rim of the ice cliffs, undercut by waves, inviting me closer to the edge, and yet how far out dare I go?

I see drawings and paintings everywhere. I saw this line drawing in the snow at the edge of a break, tide pool below, higher cliff-bank. It became more painterly because it was one of those miraculous mistakes. Wearing gloves, I had inadvertently moved a setting on my camera and took several of these shots before realizing the “mistake.”

Later, while reviewing, editing, deleting (I delete a LOT of mistakes) I realized that this shot offered a very simple, beautiful and stark set of deep cut lines and soft curved shapes. Dancing lines of positive and negative space, invisible unless you see both. The mind’s eye leads in a pattern, left, right, down, up, around and through. In reality there is no “frame”, no box, just space. Georgia O’Keefe once wrote that she had been taught to “…fill the space beautifully” when looking at a blank page or canvas. It took her years to “get it”. Me, too! One can’t force art, just let it flow. Sometimes, I just have to figure out how to “frame” it. This is my beach and my studio. I love the subtle, quiet accidents that occur when my eyes, my heart, my dream, my camera and the images we take are all aligned in the best “frame” of mind.
The Universe supports our doing what we love even when we think it is a mistake. May your day be filled with miraculous mistakes!

Namaste – Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Weekly Planner OOPS!

Money - Do you Love it?

Money MONday ~ was your day be filled with loving MONey Miracles? Have you taken time for a nap?

In addition to loving a lot of people, animals, where I live, what I do, etc., I also LOVE MONEY! I admit it! It can be a beautiful thing. Depends how you “see” it. Do you look?
Where is the beauty in/of money? My favorite denomination in U.S. currency is Ben Franklin – he was a smart guy, kinda cute, funny and he graces the $100 dollar bill with a Mona Lisa smile.

That’s what this little image is about… Loving money and all the good it can generate, celebrating money! It may not be art, and it was fun to do, a work in progress ~ Photography and color. I am always shooting mundane stuff and pulled parts of this picture out of my treasure trove files. (Working on dancing money…. 🙂 )
While I live simply, it still takes money… and yes, there are things money cannot buy, like a beautiful sunrise, a child’s laugh, kindness from friends and family, loyalty, love, more time…
And yet
I LOVE being able to
pay my bills – heat my home – have a home to heat!
to buy, eat, share healthy food, and while I LOVE picnics it is also wonderful to have a table and chairs… indoors in winter.
travel (put gas in my truck to get to work, ride a bike, walk – yes, even shoes cost money… even the most modest travel plans require some money)
I LOVE snow, so I also LOVE being able to dress warmly.
I LOVE being able to support others in paying their bills by paying mine.
I LOVE being able to donate money to causes I believe in.
I LOVE spending time with friends and loved ones and having the communication tools phone, internet, etc. to be able to make those connections.

I love allowing money to flow. Like water and love and air, it flows into, through, and out of our lives. Giving it, receiving it, letting it go. There is more than enough to go around and sometimes it may become bottlenecked in different places. For anyone living in scarcity, it may become a scary bottleneck. For someone with a lot of money, it may become a scary bottleneck. Having money can be scary, not having money can be scary. Heck, living can be scary.

Reminding myself that money is simply a tool, not a measure of my own or anyone’s worth, (Is someone like Donald Trump or Howard Hughes or Queen Elizabeth worth more than you or me? Is comparison to anyone else even useful?) I also have to remind myself that my creating, making, earning money, honestly and with integrity, is not taking away from anyone else. I am capable of handling money wisely and don’t waste it.
It is the most commonly accepted medium of exchange for goods and services. You/I exchange time, work, energy for money so we can pay others for those services, and so goes the flow.
Since the people who provide services, like the utilities, banks, grocery stores, expect cash in exchange for their goods and services, part of my “job” in life is to discern what I need and want in my life and then find ways to generate sufficient exchanges to cover those. With this image I declare that I am open to allowing more Money Miracles to flow into my life. Are you?

So, while my Weekly Planner blog this week, may be a little out of synch with my original written plan, My Monday MONey Miracles happened in wonderful small ways… be careful what you ask for, you might get it and more. Allowing money to flow can be a lot of fun, and money can arrive from the most surprising places. I allow money to flow into my life freely, from my work, gifts, winnings, JOY. I am RICH, I am LUCKY, I am GIFTED from within and from others, and somehow, through pure miracles, love, and blind faith, even naiveté, I always have more than enough. I would love to create even more, so I could share even more.
Purchases, gifts, donations, earnings, are always welcome. They will be put to “good” use.

The next time you buy that thing you think you need, ask yourself, where does my money go from here? Who or what is my spending this money supporting, serving, helping, loving? Where am I in the flow of money? Am I in a river, a stream, floating on a lake? Paddling upstream and going nowhere fast? Do I even have a paddle? Do I need one? Do I need money?
No, not really. We can make the shoes, grow the food, build a fire, send smoke signals, et al, and live, survive, simply and beautifully. Do I want to be in survival mode? Not any more, been there done that. I intend and am shifting gears, pivoting in the place I came from… from survivng to thriving. I have “paid it forward” a lot, and am now catching up, thanks to wonderful teachers who are teaching me things not learned previously from parents, friends, in school…

How was your Monday? Mine was rich and full and beautiful and I celebrate going with the flow of an abundant stream of crystal clear water!
Money from the heart… flowing, even when the surface here seems frozen. As kids, we don’t think about breathing much, we just breathe, in and out. We love, letting it in and out. We dance, joyously. For me, Monday was about the dance – dancing with money, breathing, receiving, giving back, sharing, receiving.

This a long post ~ If you read it all, Thank you! If it created new thoughts for you, Super! If you want to leave a comment, GREAT! What are your thoughts, beliefs, successes with money? How do you “see” it, think about it, play with it? Do you love it or think it’s a bad thing?
Creating, handling, money may like any other skill or tool, use it or lose it… Just remember, we never forget how to ride a bicycle, even after not doing it for years. Yeah, I know, mixed a lot of metaphors in this one.

And the longest word count so far… not a lot of economy of words today.
May your day be filled with miracles, love, abundance and flow, whatever day you read this.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Basket of Abundance

Spiritual Harvest

These are some of my treasures, from where I live and why I live here… in addition to the abundance of snow and cold…
Agates, little dipper stones, cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco and sage… a basket of spiritual abundance, including golden angel wings! East, South, West, North and heaven. A feather fan for smudging ceremonies, a wooden flute that holds the call of the loon…(the flute is not pictured..)
It was so cold outside today, I never left the house! I think that’s a first for me. It was -20F when I got up this morning and the temp rose to a balmy -4F during the heat of the day. A quiet day spent counting my blessings and expressing gratitude for all of the teachings I have been exposed to.
As one of my native teachers always says, “Take what works for you, what feels right and good…” and so I have been gifted with sage to grow, harvest, and bundle.
Bundled with the help of Good Spirits and beauty. It was not a chore – it was days of delight, cutting, drying, hanging singing, wrapping…
I have been gifted with sweetgrass plantings, and hopefully, this summer will be harvesting that, as well.
My basket is full, and always emptying and making room for more… when I go to the beach in summer, beautiful agates and stones find me, and the angel wings? A secret I cannot tell, just that they are golden angel wings, given to me by a powerful spirit guide in the course of a magical miracle… another story for another campfire.

A different day, a different mircle…
A few years ago, at Summer Solstice, I participated in a special ceremony for many days. In the process of having a medicine wheel marked on my left arm, the elder who was performing the ceremony had placed 11 of the 13 marks necessary to complete the wheel…when I passed out – cold. It took several minutes for me to regain consciousness, during which time I went on a magical journey. When I awoke I was so embarrased! Yet many came to me afterwards and thanked me for sharing the vision/journey and taking them with me. Then they shared with me what they saw and experienced, and it was what I saw as well. It was an open place where people on the path gathered and celebrated… and everyone was kind and caring for one another. There were specific people in the vision, and I had never felt so included, so caring and cared for in my life. We were visited by Thunderbird, and soon after, as ceremonies ended, an eagle circled our ceremonial camp.
Later, the elder who was performing the ceremony pulled me aside and we talked. He asked me what I thought it all meant, passing out, going on a spontaneous vision quest. In my dazed state, I was unable to say. He said, “It will come to you. Give it time…” and then he said about my not completeing the ceremony of the medicine wheel offering “It may well be a sign that you have given enough, and it is time for rest. You can complete it next year, if it is meant to be…” The following year it was complete.
I have a medicine wheel for life. I am a Master Reiki Healer. I create healing through art and heart and talking with people. I know my totems well, and am a keeper of others secrets. It is my way,
I will soon be changing once again – and that is why part of my name is starbear… a part of the night sky, constantly changing… and denning up today.
Namaste ~ may your visions be clear, joyful, and filled with love.