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Patterns in Nature…

Sand Wood Stone

The variety of incredible patterns in nature never ceases to amaze me. Old trees washed ashore, long buried in sand, sanded by years of wave washing, incredibly rich in pattern and texture. This is one near my beach studio. Below, a tight close-up crop.

Sometimes it seems so difficult to share what I see. Grains of sand embedded in wood grain ~ light and dark, large and small, curved lines and straight.

This song comes to mind:
“Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the Might Oceans
And the beauteous land”

Sand Wood Stone

If you click on the images perhaps you can see what I see in a slightly larger version…

Earth – we all share the same earth. We see things from new perspectives. Looking at the sky is a big picture, looking at grains of sand brings it back to down earth and how the world and nature work over time.

May your day be filled with friends, love, texture, color, as you notice the beautiful world around you. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, “I’m just a grain of sand along a sandy beach…” Remember what grains of sand can do over time… in the best of circumstances they can create stunning beauty.

Namaste ~ Star Bear