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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing (& Confused…)

Refreshing 2 ~ Muskallonge Lake

Passing Muskallonge Lake, on the way to a favorite beach on the “Big Lake” (Lake Superior), 7:00 Sunday morning the temp was 45 F – brisk and refreshing. No wind and still water a reflecting mirror. It was so very calm and refreshing, with no bugs…

Calm didn’t last long… at 7:15 a logging truck rumbled by. Followed the loggers all the way to Lake Superior. It only took them 2 hours to load and truck out 2 – 3 double trailers full of timber.

I have mixed feelings about logging here.
It’s big business, controlled by the State of Michigan on State Forest Land and loggers often work 7 days a week. The timber is sold and the State makes money. Michigan is desperate for jobs and money…
We’ll see if they clean up or just leave the slash… “Slash” is the term used for what is left – anything under 6″ in diameter. In many countries and other states, slash is bundled and processed, becoming bio-mass fuel, creating less demand for fossil fuel. Not here. In Michigan, legislators from the lower part of the state LOVE coal burning electical generating plants… and want to build 6 more to keep up with rising energy demands.

Logging is no longer done like the Paul Bunyon stories, one tree at a time. It is now called “harvesting” and the computerized equipment used is amazingly efficient. A tree that took 25-30+ years to grow can be cut, stripped, stacked in a minute…

Logging creates much needed work here… and yet, somehow it makes me sick to see this beautiful pristine place cut in ribbons, laid waste.
Somedays, I feel really old and anti-progress… and some days nothing in the beautiful Upper Peninsula makes sense… after all, we are truly part of
“Pure Michigan” and somedays it seems like a false campaign… not including logging in the background at some of the most beautiful places here…

“The soul loves the truth” ~ Denise Linn
May your day be filled with refreshing sparkling honesty.

Namaste ~ StarBear

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

Refreshing ~ Lake Superior

fresh water sparkling
Lake Superior
~ 10% of the world’s fresh water

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Namaste ~ Star Bear from the Sparkling Shore