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Weather Report and…

Chilly. Sunny. A little Rain last night.

Life goes on and the cool weather is creating fog every afternoon on Lake Superior. Rolling in from the Big Lake, quietly filling da woods near the lake shore. 

In town I met two students from Michigan Tech, Brian and Anthony, here to study the bugs and insect life in the recovering Sleeper Lake Fire area. They will be here all summer, staying at State Forest Campgrounds. Next week they plan on staying at Pretty Lake and I think I shall invite them over for dinner. Adopt a student?

Maybe they will let me take pictures of bugs.

I still have not figured out how to get photos into these posts!

The price of gas is killing the economy in this area. Few tourists, and the good (?) thing is very few large RVs coming into the campgrounds. I always wondered what the point of “camping” was, in a rolling motor home, with a TV and generator running all day?

The other “good” thing is, lots of folks are coming up with tents and really camping out.

There are about 10 State Forest campgrounds nearby, none full.

I notice the judgements I make about “good”…

As a child, which I once was and still can be, too often, I decided that I liked the word “good” because if you remove one “o” it is god.  So for me, if something is “good” it has God in it.  Simple, eh! Simple is good!

Life is good!