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Post-A-Say 2011 ~ Postcard for a Tree

April 15, 2011

Nature's Clocks ~ Circles and Cycles of Time

Clocks Circles Cycles Rings Patterns of Time

This 24+ inch diameter red pine tree lay by the side of the road and called me to stop and take a portrait. I have yet to count the rings… circles of years.
I thought it seemed to be weeping in Spring Sunlight – Sparkling sap streaming down it’s face. I was on my way to the beach, to celebrate spring, to look for stones with which to build and play.
I felt sad with this tree, cut to widen an already beautiful winding dirt road through the woods, for tourists to drive to more beautiful places… and I wondered, was this tree really in the way? It had not seemed to be before… and yet what is the worth of one tree to travellers? Will anyone else miss it and several of its neighbors cut down nearby?
So I celebrate this tree by the side of the road. I imagine it cut into lengths of 2 x 4’s to build a home somewhere for a family. I imagine it sheltering them and keeping them warm. I celebrate its beauty, its sparkle, its years.
I guess it is called progress… and as we approach Easter and Earth Day and celebrate Spring, I wonder… if future generations will know such magnificent trees and be grateful to those who honored them?

I give this tree thanks, I celebrate this tree… I offer it’s spirit Sparkling sunrises, water and stones in it’s next cycle of life.
I am grateful to live on such an awesome planet, and to know trees such as this.
Reminded me of Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band ~Time Keeps on Slippin’ ~ May you be blessed by the Spirits of Place where you live.

Megwiitch and Namaste – Star Bear

P.S. I realized that I mis-typed Post-a-Day 2001 in the title. I kind like Post-A-Say… don’t you? LOL!