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Post-a-day 2011 + Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall Upstream

Fall. I fell for fall long ago. The beauty of fall is partly why I stay in Michigan, along with winter, summer, and spring. The changing seasons seem to match my personal rhythms, the flow of nature.

River Bend ~ Manistique River

While shooting these, and totally enjoying the day and the sun light, I thought there was a stick causing the ripples on the mirrored surface of the water. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a sleek furry critter, swimming upstream. Hoping it was a beaver, I watched it swim closer, then dive, disappearing quickly under the river bank. Probably a muskrat, although beaver and otter also live here.

Mirror Bend

Michigan often gets a bad rap as it is known primarily for the Motor City, Detroit, with the negatives. I grew up in Detroit, trained as an artist in Detroit, grew up on a tree lined street where once upon a time we raked leaves into big piles, then hid, jumped and played in them. After dark the neighborhood parents supervised bonfires of leaves. Sometimes we even roasted marshmallows over burning leaves. I can still remember the wonderful smells of those evenings. Do kids still do that? It was part of the rhythm of life, even in the city, a fall ritual as mornings grew colder and days grew shorter.

Just for giggles, how about a little different rhythm?
You can alwys listen to “Muskrat Love” (c. 1976) or “Muskrat Ramble” (c. 1926) by Louis Armstrong.

May your day be warm and filled with colorful rhythms of Nature!

Megwitch ~ Starbear
Copyright 2011 Betsy Lewis

Post-a-day 2011 + Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall continued…

For all of you who do not get to see this every day…
a few more views from roads travelled. The fall color just keeps becoming more brilliant? Raucous? Audacious? Spectacular? Gorgeous? Beautiful? Splendiforous?
Sometimes there are no words.
A friend of mine once coined the word “Brazilliant” to name one my images he owns. It was such a fun and discriptive word, I use it for the title.
What do you call the amazing arrays and displays of color in the fall? Nature’s palette is so palatable and yet so brief in its display. I am so lucky to witness this each year and it’s never the same and always thrilling. Enjoy!

Reflected Glow

Lake Anne Louise, near a tiny place named Blaney Park always offers spectacular views across the lake. Lined with mix of hardwoods and conifers it creates a perfect complementary color scheme. (I happen to be teaching color theory currently – can you tell? LOL!)

Hardwoods and conifers line the shore demanding attention...

I know the photo challenge this week has changed to “sunsets”, and I’m choosing to stay with Fall for now, so more fall is forthcoming to be celebrated while it lasts! I think it’s called “Making hay while the sun shines.” The sunsets will be fabulous this week as well – no rain predicted for 10 days, so also no storms to take the leaves away.

More soon!

Megwitch ~ Starbear

Post-a-day 2011 + Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall

Fall ~ So fall this Fall so far is mostly RED!
Oh! Poor me. Life is so hard! LOL!

This fall is RED... 20 miles of walls of color...

I am forced to drive each day this road to work within these leafy walls
lined with red of every tint shade hue…
dark and light and wine and glowing reds
ablaze against green against skies of gray and blue.
The road glows without sunshine and where is yellow?
Hiding, peaking, sneaking, teasing between other brilliant views.

How glad the woods, they be not shy
shouting color to the sky…
“Look at us” they call, demand.
“It is FALL and we are leaving!”

Envy not this place in which I roam
travelling to work, then returning home
within and through these walls of color.
Poor me! Forced to endure this beauty for hours on end
over hills, around a bend…
a brief time this willing prisoner will remain
within these walls of color to exclaim
in awe and gratitude and joy.

Megwitch ~ Starbear

Post-a-bit! Post-a-day 2011 ~ Time Matters

Taking a month long hiatus, cutting down on computer time in order to be with people in my life. My old computer is being renewed soon, updated to provide faster, better access, more memory. This is thanks to my wonderful offspring. House guests started descending in mid-August, a very special gift out here in the boonies… and while torn about blogging vs. not, I intend to enjoy each and every visitor to the max.

Ahh!  Fresh Air, Quietude, Blueberry Snacks, Wildlife - Char's on vacation!

NTC - on a ridge overlooking Lake Superior ~ Ahh! Fresh Air, Quietude, Blueberry Snacks, Wildlife - Char on vacation!

Last week, it was my friend Charlotte visiting, and I was delighted to be able to share a day hike on the North Country Trail with her. This week, my favorite (and only) son is here. At the same time, I have to work at my day job, produce artwork for an upcoming sale and prep for fall classes. A single blog post can take 3-4 hours with my limited access and slow computer (and sometimes perfectionism), so from now until September 21st I shall continue be more hit and miss than usual. Still taking lots of images, and thinking of my devoted readers.
Playing on the trail, taking time to smell the pines, taking leaps of Faith and growing… time to live more offline, for now. It is simply a matter of time… and loving the company I keep. Finding balance, yet again. I turned 66 on August 17th, and realized that with only 33 more years to live, it is a matter of time! 🙂 Time Matters!

Living on the Edge and Taking Leaps of Faith - Yes!

May your days be filled with leaps of faith, miracles, and love for life in the other real world of the senses.

Thank you for your patience and kindnesses, always!

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Megwitch ~ Starbear

Patterns in Nature…

Sand Wood Stone

The variety of incredible patterns in nature never ceases to amaze me. Old trees washed ashore, long buried in sand, sanded by years of wave washing, incredibly rich in pattern and texture. This is one near my beach studio. Below, a tight close-up crop.

Sometimes it seems so difficult to share what I see. Grains of sand embedded in wood grain ~ light and dark, large and small, curved lines and straight.

This song comes to mind:
“Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the Might Oceans
And the beauteous land”

Sand Wood Stone

If you click on the images perhaps you can see what I see in a slightly larger version…

Earth – we all share the same earth. We see things from new perspectives. Looking at the sky is a big picture, looking at grains of sand brings it back to down earth and how the world and nature work over time.

May your day be filled with friends, love, texture, color, as you notice the beautiful world around you. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, “I’m just a grain of sand along a sandy beach…” Remember what grains of sand can do over time… in the best of circumstances they can create stunning beauty.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Say 2011 ~ Postcard for a Tree

April 15, 2011

Nature's Clocks ~ Circles and Cycles of Time

Clocks Circles Cycles Rings Patterns of Time

This 24+ inch diameter red pine tree lay by the side of the road and called me to stop and take a portrait. I have yet to count the rings… circles of years.
I thought it seemed to be weeping in Spring Sunlight – Sparkling sap streaming down it’s face. I was on my way to the beach, to celebrate spring, to look for stones with which to build and play.
I felt sad with this tree, cut to widen an already beautiful winding dirt road through the woods, for tourists to drive to more beautiful places… and I wondered, was this tree really in the way? It had not seemed to be before… and yet what is the worth of one tree to travellers? Will anyone else miss it and several of its neighbors cut down nearby?
So I celebrate this tree by the side of the road. I imagine it cut into lengths of 2 x 4’s to build a home somewhere for a family. I imagine it sheltering them and keeping them warm. I celebrate its beauty, its sparkle, its years.
I guess it is called progress… and as we approach Easter and Earth Day and celebrate Spring, I wonder… if future generations will know such magnificent trees and be grateful to those who honored them?

I give this tree thanks, I celebrate this tree… I offer it’s spirit Sparkling sunrises, water and stones in it’s next cycle of life.
I am grateful to live on such an awesome planet, and to know trees such as this.
Reminded me of Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band ~Time Keeps on Slippin’ ~ May you be blessed by the Spirits of Place where you live.

Megwiitch and Namaste – Star Bear

P.S. I realized that I mis-typed Post-a-Day 2001 in the title. I kind like Post-A-Say… don’t you? LOL!

Ode to Being Behind ~ On Time

2010 17 October
Ode to Being Behind

Can’t see my behind, although some do,
Some tell me it’s lovely, yet between me and you,
My behind is behind me, almost out of view.
Perhaps my behind is a dream overdue?

To see behind me means looking back,
Light is ahead, around me, on track!
At times it glows brightly, not growing black,
Sometimes a pale candle, seen through a crack.

Light leads me forward, in flashes and pops,
I wonder if turtles can learn to make hops?
Snails move forward and get where they go
Even when progress seems very slow.

I want to leap forward, to hop like a frog,
No longer stuck in the muck in a bog.
To follow a path, move forward with light,
with friends on this journey filled with DEELIGHT!

Am I behind, or moving so fast
That feeling behind is behind me at last?
Sitting down on behind, letting it rest,
Is a place where these sillies show up the best!

May your day be filled with joy and wonder and a new perception of time!
copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis