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Light Growing ~ part 2

Emeralds in the woods

In search of simple drops of dew
More treasures dew surround.
Sparkling gems in beams of light
Jewels nurturing the the ground…

May your day be filled with Sparkling Jewels and gems of friends!

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copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis

Light Growing…

Sunpath... Irresistable Invitation

Light beams beckon “Follow me”
Enter this magic play
Waking early in the forest
As dawn begins the day.

Tree curtains stand, darkened, wet
Frame players in this forest set
Lightshafts dance through canopy
Invite and light the path “this way”…

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copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis


...into the labyrinth








Walking Stones

Walking the labyrinth

spiraling inward

and out again




laughing, working, playing, enjoying, sharing, uniting, releasing, celebrating… Life!

Betsy Lewis

copyright 2010