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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Hands + Happiness

Happy Hand

Marge, over at Inside Out Cafe has offered several invitations and challenges this year, and her posts about happiness have been intriguing.
Moi, however, has been so busy being happy offline, I have been quickly scanning e-mail, blogs, and such.
The first thing that came to mind when I read her happy posts was this quote, which I keep on my computer:
“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” ~ The Buddah

Life is filled with happiness. I am filled with happiness – so much that I feel quite happily explosive – in a good way. As I travel new paths, I have been noticing the love and the gifts, not in each week, or day or holidays… which have been warm and wonderful, but in each moment. Each moment of being in a state of happiness, creates more and then more.
Appreciating what is in each moment is bringing more… surprises, gifts, opportunities, love, joy to my humble door.
Are there setbacks or barriers? Yes, and not really. Switching to DSL from satellite, sped up my life… and for a minute, slowed it down… LOL! New e-mail address as required made for a lot of change! No problem. I wanted faster manifestations for my work!
Someone I love shows up on my doorstep, 3 times in a week, while I am super happily busy working, coaxing me to the beach for a sunset. The first night we were late, the second night was cloudy, and the third – a charm! We laughed, we played like little kids ~ with light and reflections and color and love and respect and appreciation for each other’s values and differences – which on many subjects often seem to be in opposition.
150 photos of this sunset… and 50 exquisite, useable, memorable. This one is a bit sentimental, and yet a simple reminder:
We hold our happiness in our own hands, appreciating the loving gifts of beauty we are handed each day. Sharing them, in the moment, is dessert. It is available to everyone, every day. Open hands open hearts, giving and receiving. What has that to do with photography? Everything and nothing?

My happiness is in my hands and when we offer each other our happiness, our joy, it is a gift passed on, shared, generous, expecting nothing in return.
The giving is the gift, receiving is the opening… or is it the other way around?

I need not seek happiness. It lives in me and I get to share it!

Namaste ~ StarBear

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Winter x 3

More of my favorite images. Today I offer 3 – For me, they represent some of the beauty I see, share, create, notice… in Winter Water…

Sunset Reflections on Winter Water

Sunset Reflections on Winter Water

Is it Snow? Clouds? I call it "SnowClouds"

Winter Water sand and stone. I call it " Rippling Gold"

I have long known that water is important to me.
I recently realized:
Winter Water is fascinating, frozen… still, melting, rippling
Spring rain is enchanting… musical
Summer Water is refreshing… relaxing
Fall Water is cleansing… recycling, reflecting
We could rearrange the words and seasons and they may still be true…
I am fascinated by the change of seasons and water and how it affects everything in my life. I depend on water. For me, Water represents flow, change, clarity, thirst-quenching….
In Winter, I am surrounded by Winter Water in the form of snow.
In Spring the Winter Water melts and flows.
In Summer it rains and dries up and then rains once again.
Fall downpours take down the leaves from the trees and helps begin the cycle of re-cycling, keeping leaves wet to disintegrate, renew, nurture.
Then the cycle begins again.
Water keeps me connected…
Interesting how things work – congruity, synchronicity. As I was preparing to post these photos, I was checking in with mentors. Denise Linn is one and this showed up: How to Listen to Water

I love the seasons, nature, and the lessons I learn as a human bean, still growing and just simply being.
Namaste ~ Star Bear

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Lake Superior

On a typical day... waves

Different day, Different mood, always changing, never the same, consistently.

Sunday, July 17th was Lake Superior Day and the Big Lake was quiet with fog rolling in… This week my blog posts are dedicated to Lake Superior. (A lot of it is about Lake Superior anyway, Spirit of Place ~Place of Spirit)
Maybe you’ve never heard of Lake Superior, maybe you have never been there. Have you heard the song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”? The video will show you another of Superior’s ever changing moods.

Gitcheegama, as the Ojibwe call it, is the largest fresh water lake on the planet. It contains 10% of ALL of the world’s fresh water – in this one place! Its coastline is 1,826 miles long and is shared by the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan and the Canadian Province of Ontario. It is old, very old, and the rocks and stones that line its fabulous beaches, even older.  Lake Superior is breathtakingly beautiful and because of its depth, the lake is also breathtakingly cold!
The first time I waded into Lake Superior, it literally took my breath away. Late one August, when the lake was at its warmest, following a whole summer of heating, I naively stepped into its crystal clear water,  just up to my knees. After about 1 minute, every bone in my legs ached, my teeth hurt, my body tightened, and I quickly retreated to the warmth of the sand. That was in the late 1960’s.

Today, the Lake becomes so warm in mid-summer, near the edges, at least, that one can wade fairly comfortably. In 2007, the Lake level dropped 18 inches. Shipping was greatly affected. Ships using the Great Lakes had to reduce their loads in order to make passage through much shallower channels. The cost of running the ships with smaller loads remained constant, affecting the prices paid for things you may use, wherever you are in the world.

What happens on, in and around Lake Superior affects everyone. We are all connected… water knows no boundaries. It is the rain, the rivers, the streams, in the clouds and it is always moving, even when it seems frozen.

In 2010, some friends walked the entire circumference of Lake Superior. Retired naturalists Mike Link and Kate Crowley hiked 1500+ miles around the shore. They spent four and a half months walking, camping and through the miraculous wonders of technology, documenting their adventure. You can see more of the moods and wonders of Lake Superior through their lenses here: Full Circle Superior. I was honored to walk a few miles with them on this adventure.

Sometime today, or this week, when you take that sip of refreshing water, bottled or from your tap, please make a toast to celebrate Lake Superior. You are probably drinking a drop or at least a molecule of Lake Superior water.

Namaste ~ Star Bear, who lives near the Big Lake and loves it!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

Refreshing ~ Lake Superior

fresh water sparkling
Lake Superior
~ 10% of the world’s fresh water

Learn more at Lake Superior Day: July 17, 2011

Namaste ~ Star Bear from the Sparkling Shore

Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Ripples of Gold...

Look familiar? Look up… 🙂
Have a beautifully reflective day…


Post-A-Day 2011 – Postcard from Spring

2011 April 2

While others share their signs of Spring
Snow here still hides most everything…
Yet, Spring brings light, not dull and gray
Clear Light begins to end the day

Crisp Clear Light

Light seen through woods, ‘tween trees
Brings contrast to the world we sees!
Colors in both bark and trunk
Lifting winter’s tired funk

Coyote Jokester

Coyote jokesters jump and play
Hide and seek in woods today
Across the frozen snow they trot
North then south, they slink and plot

Superior’s blocks of ice and snow
In sunlight cast their crystal glow
With each and every tiny drip
Spring loosens Winter’s chilly grip.

Winter dripping away...

While Water laughs a music score
Walls of ice still line the shore
Sparkling in a slow retreat
Giving way to patient heat

Crystal Walls

Sunshine! clear and crisp ‘til night
Then washing snow in sleepy light
Water droplets, ripples, flow
Signs of Spring beneath snow glow

Beneath the sheets of ice and snow...

2011 3 April ~ and today it snows once more! Spring comes slowly here. May your days be filled with sparkling light!
Namaste ~ Star Bear
Words and photographs copyright 2011 Betsy Lewis

New Year ~ New Theme!

January 8, 2011
A new look. Patience.
New at the top:
Water flows, ripples, reflects, dances in sunlight…
Becoming organized in a different way.
Sorting out.Throwing out.
When this blog began, I had no idea how to use it, do it, organize it, or why I was even doing it. It was just for me, to learn something new.

A thousand+ days later, and I’m still learning. Slow? Perhaps. Yet, life distracts us – or does it? Forest fires, moving, resettling, unsettling, relationships, love, play, work, money, family, endings, beginnings, weather, loss, grief, soul coaching, soul searching, and with all of this, through all of this, in all of this, a theme remains. Newness, creativity, writing, photographing, recording, sharing, inspiring, being inspired. Being in Spirit and staying connected… Change is constant.
Life is full and rich and as SARK loves to say “SUCCULENT and JUICY” in such wonderful ways!

Sherry re-introduced me to Diane, who introduced me to SARK and Dream Boogie. Reading Wayne Dyer led me to Hay House which led me to Denise Linn, which led to meeting so many wonderful people… Robie, who introduced me to Frank.
My friend Charlotte sent me SARK’s latest book “Glad No Matter What” … because I told her about Dream Boogie… and on it goes – Miracles – change – new.
Then my son and his girlfriend sent me two more wonderful books – “Life is a Verb” and the “Awe-Manac.”
Because of de code id by nodes, I have had time to read.

Today, the snow just crashed off the roof, so Panda is hiding under my desk, head in the corner. Da code id my dnose is bedder. The tractor awaits the turn of the key to plow. The camera is charging. I lost the first 5 drafts of this post. It has snowed some more and stopped. Life. Breathe.
Take a deep breath. Click on something in the “new” menu to the right – it may be something you’ve read before, or not? Still sorting… if you click, it may click with something in you. If it does, leave a comment. If not, thank you for clicking into my thoughts. YOU are in them!

Love to all and Happy January 2011
~ Betsy

Light Growing ~ part 3

23 September 2010

Gems at my feet...

Glistening ferns at my feet,
Droplets flow, in veins they meet.
This forest path, does often seem
A life of living in a dream…

More crystal gems await in pines,
Dangling now in groups and lines,
On single needles, evergreen
Background chorus, not unseen…

May your day be filled with delight, joy, and the beauty of living your dream with wild abandon and a chorus of friends singing in harmony with you!

(To enjoy this walk in the woods from the beginning click here. To continue your walk in the woods, see upper right, above picture and click on Light Growing – part 4 or click here .)
copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis

Light Growing…

Sunpath... Irresistable Invitation

Light beams beckon “Follow me”
Enter this magic play
Waking early in the forest
As dawn begins the day.

Tree curtains stand, darkened, wet
Frame players in this forest set
Lightshafts dance through canopy
Invite and light the path “this way”…

(To continue your walk in the woods, see upper right, above picture and click on Light Growing – part 2 or click here.)
copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis

Lake Superior

Lake Superior Tidepool Relections

Lake Superior Tidepool Relections


Finally figured out how to upload a photo!

This was taken June 24th, 2008, 9:40 P.M. at Perry’s Landing.

Silly Poetry of the day from “Be Inspired” one of my many creative endeavors…:

Your skies, my skies, our skies.
Your sunrises, my sunrises, our sunrises.
Your water, my water, our water.
We are so fortunate to have this beautiful place in which to live… as the commercial for VISA might say:
Gas to the beach: $150
Sunsets at the beach: Priceless!
Life is good in da U.P.!
If you haven’t been up north in Luce County lately, maybe car pool and take a drive!
Isn’t this part of why we live up here?